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25 – 26, June, 2013

Taipei, Chinese Taipei

Title Documents
00. Workshop Agenda
01. Worldwide Geothermal Utilization
02. Recent Advances in US Geothermal R&D, with Implications for Global Development
03. A Short History of 60 Years of Geothermal Development in New Zealand
04. Perspective on Geothermal Energy in Japan: Beyond Great East Japan Earthquake
05. Geothermal Status and Perspectives in Chinese Taipei
06. DOE's Innovative Exploration Technologies Program associated with Conventional Geothermal Systems
07. Environmental Anxiety Meets Geothermal Energy
08. Geothermal Power Plant Development
09. Application of Geoscience for Geothermal Resource Evaluation and Mitigation of Development Risks
10. Precise Repeat Gravity Measurement for Estimation of Mass Balance in a Geothermal Reservoir
11. Exploration for Geothermal Energy - Some Insights
12. Role of Geology in Targeting Permeability for Geothermal Resource Utilization
13. Well Construction Technology Efficiencies - Research Efforts of the United States Department of Energy, Geothermal Technologies
14. Enhanced Geothermal Systems - DOE Field Demonstration Projects, R&D Innovations, and Roadmapping Efforts
15. Innovative Stimulation Technology for Future Energy - More with Less
16. Description and Application of the US DOE Induced Seismicity Protocol/Best Practices: Experiences and Lessons Learned at the Geysers Geothermal Field, California
17. Mitigating Risk Through EGS Technology